Christoph Sprenger

Arnold Sprenger's son Christoph was born in 1946 in St. Gallen. From 1964 until 1968, he attended the Swiss school of violin making in Brienz (Switzerland). He continued his education in various violin-making ateliers. In 1971, he began working in his father's business. After his master examination, Christoph Sprenger specialised in the caring, repairing and restoring of valuable old instruments. In 1981, Christoph Sprenger took over the leadership of his father's studio. Even after taking over the business, he remains in continuous exchange with violin restorers worldwide, keeping his professional
knowledge up to date.

Christoph Sprenger is no longer active on a daily base in our atelier. However, his broad and deep knowledge is still important. Therefore, he is still active as an adviser for expertise.