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Sprenger Geigenbau provides a valuation service for instruments and bows. With over 95 years experience in assessing fine instruments, and constantly keeping up to date with information across the world of stringed instruments,
you can trust a valuation issued by Sprenger Geigenbau.

A customers reason for having a valuation can be many and varied. Knowledge of an instrument's maker, and its provenance, are of great importance, both in the event of a future sale, and in ascertaining its insurance value. Further, bows and stringed instruments can be an investment, and it is essential to obtain an expert opinion regarding market value.

The correct attribution of an instrument or bow is not always possible at first sight - even for experts. In many cases, an instrument's condition does not
permit a simple identification, as the original may not be recognisable, due to poor restorations or repairs, or because they are made with parts of different instruments. Furthermore, many instruments are copies,
and can be difficult to identify immediately.

Labels are very often misleading. They are often a facsimile, and can be taken from another instrument. These labels may have been inserted with fraudulent intent, or else perhaps to define a type of model, for example, 'Stradivari model', 'Guarneri model', and so on. Only a few of the old master instruments still have their original label, as, in many cases, it has been removed and glued into another instrument in order to deceive the customer.

Sprenger Geigenbau can provide you with a verbal or written valuation.  Depending on the type of valuation required, the information can include details on the origin, age, condition and value of the instrument.

For more information please contact us by phone on  +41 71 222 27 16 or by E-Mail.